English to Chinese Translation


iTranslation offers professional English to Chinese translation or vice versa including Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Our mission is to provide quality translation services oriented to demanding corporations, financial institutions, law firms, manufacturers, and medical institutions. With a team of professional translators, iTranslation is able to perform any English to Chinese translation project.

There is a huge demand for Chinese translation service for business documents related to commerce exchange between Western Countries and China. While some other reasons include the transfer of Chinese birth certificates, translation of business proposals, web content, or other official and practical documents, Chinese translation continues to be in constant high demand. Our translators are equipped with industry specific skills in not only business, but also finance, law, medical data, technology, and many others that often come with technical terms, and require technical Chinese translation. No matter what the industry or the nature of your document, we can provide you with accurate  Chinese document translation.

Quality translation services

Accuracy is our first and foremost concern in our translation services. Our experienced translators have undergone strict training projects to live up to the qualities of accurate translators. We have the commitment as well as the competence that the English to Chinese translation services our company provides could meet the standards of accuracy, proficiency and convenience.

Timely English to Chinese translation Services

iTranslation has established a mature system of instant and immediate contact between our translators and customers, through which professional suggestions and economical translation can be readily available for you.

Specifically Tailored for Your Marketing Activities

Chinese market is today the most rapidly expanding market in the world. When you market your products or services in Chinese market especially in China, you need to speak Chinese in a right way. Your main goal is to achieve great branding and advertising effect, instead of simply translate English to Chinese word-for-word. With our  experienced  and native English to Chinese translators , iTranslation can easily help you translate your adverts, brochures, websites, press releases into Chinese language accurately, in which your potential Chinese customers are readily accept.

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