How Translation is Certified and Sworn

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certified translation process

certified translation process

A declaration statement is signed by the translator to confirm that the translated document is true and the document is known as a certified translation. Certified translation is used whenever there is a translation of any legal or official document, such as birth certificates, passports, contracts, marriage certificates, police record to be used abroad.

A certified translation of the translated document is verified by authorized government representatives, lawyers, solicitors, judges of district courts or judges. The translated document is presented against these officials for the translators to ensure that the translation of the text is in line with the original. If the public official or any other government official is satisfied with the translation of the document, they will make a record to confirm that the statement made by a real translator.

It is important for the client to ensure that the notary’s signature attests that only the declaration of the statement is signed by the same person who made the translation of documents. But this does not prove that the translated content is accurate. If you want to avoid this type of situation is best to get your document translated by a translator who is a registered member of the accredited language school.

In the case of translation, before the commencement of work on legal translation, translators should be considered as “translators. Above all European countries as Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Portugal, etc. require certificates.

The translators of these countries are required to undergo certain procedures for accreditation by the government before taking any work certificate. Translators create and certified translations of official documents. Therefore, the translated documents developed by the translators will be recognized by the embassy, the Court of Justice and other ministries and accurate information.

Customers are responsible for deciding if you need a certified translation from the original site or not. Certified translation will cost you more money. You can also rent a provider of professional translation services do their job. The choice between the sworn translation and certified translation depends on the country where it is to translate the document sent. Check with the department for details.

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